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Impacting the world around us.


At Zeno, we're on a mission to make movement health a daily habit for everyone. We envision a world where everyone has the tools and knowledge to care for their bodies.


Our goal is to ensure global access to the best care, tools and knowledge, shaping a better future for all. Join us in inspiring the world to move every day—for our communities, for ourselves, and for a healthier world.

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Our Story

Once there was therapist driven by a desire to revolutionize healthcare. He envisioned a clinic where the latest technology would merge seamlessly with manual therapy and patient education for superior outcomes. Thus, Zeno Health & Rehab was born. With Danny at the helm, Zeno became a beacon of innovative care, offering holistic solutions to chronic pain and sports injuries. Today, Zeno stands as a testament to Danny's vision, transforming lives one patient at a time.


In our challenges


In our actions


In our behaviours


In our words and duty

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Sports injury treatment at Zeno Health & Rehab
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