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Backed by Science

We combine technology and hands on myofascial treatments with corrective exercises. To improve the way you move and prevent future injuries. 


Our full body approach allows us to restore balance by decreasing pain, reducing tension, aligning posture, increasing your range of motion and building strength.

Health is wealth

We work hard everyday putting wear and tear on our body. Sometimes we forget that we need routine check ups too. Just like you would maintain your car and brush your teeth. It's important we put the same effort into our health. If we don't take care of our muscles, joints and overall health, it could lead to injury or chronic pain. Routine body maintenance ensures you're always feeling your best and allowing yourself to perform its best.

Massage therapy for pain relief at Zeno Health & Rehab

Full Body Assessment

At Zeno Health & rehab, our assessment first starts in understanding your pain that may be caused through everyday habits. Our assessment can range from a palpation, orthopaedic testing, range of motion testing, and/or movement screening. Once we figure out the root cause of your pain, we will start your massage therapy treatment and help break the patterns that lead up to the pain for sustained results.

Theragun Massage Zeno Health & Rehab



Manual Therapy

We combine technology and hands on treatments to reduce pain, discomfort and re-align postural balance. Using shockwave therapy and IFC to initiate the natural healing process in our body. For our hands on portion, we utilize RAPID NFR, Active Release, FST and Advanced myofascial release for resetting poor movement patterns and allowing the body to move more freely without pain or discomfort. 

Corrective exercises for pain relief at Zeno Health & Rehab

Corrective Exercises

The final phase in your treatment plan will include specifically assigned exercises to create more resilience in your movements.

These exercises will include various slings in the body so you can create strength through integration, and not just isolation.

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